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How old you are is your business, how old you LOOK is mine.



Thank you for visiting Karuna Therapies, a Wellness Studio. At the Wellness Studio we service the mind, body and spirit. You can choose from any of our wonderful services and know that it will be customized to your individualized needs. Want a facial that will target your trouble areas and leave you with fresh, glowing skin? Do you have muscular aches and pains from an active lifestyle, accidents, recent surgery or just need to relax? What about a more energetically charged session that is more ethereal? You will find this and more inside our treatment room. Call today or book your appointment online.


What is KARUNA?

Karuna is Sanskrit and is loosely translated to mean the act of “taking to diminish the suffering of others”, in short, "compassionate action” We incorporate this into each and every one of our sessions. No matter what ails you, you will experience compassionate sessions based on your therapeutic needs. 

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